Our company's main focus is our own high quality routes built with help of GSM Gateways. Depending on the country, we physically go there, set up our own equipment and manage SIMBOXES. Thus we have full control on

  • Quality (The best statistics you can get out of a GSM route. We will always keep you up-to date regarding existing capacity on the route)
  • Price (We always work hard on our cost optimization, therefore we make sure you get most aggressive pricing)
  • Stability (Our staff will make sure SIMs do not get blocked or empty, therefore we provide highest possible stability on the route)

At this moment we run the following routes:


Honduras Celtel - 57% ASR / 6 min ACD / 45 channels
Cuba - 34 % ASR / 3.5 min ACD / 30 channels (on weekends we increase up to 45 channels)


Italy Mobile All - 60% ASR / 4.5 min ACD / 60 channels

Middle East

Israel Mobile All - 60% ASR / 7.35 min ACD / 60 channels

Central Asia

We have high quality own run Central Asian countries where we cover 100% CLI and non CLI terminations such as: Turkmenistan all country, Uzbekistan all country, Azerbaijan all country, Tajikistan all country.
Partners with GSM equipment are welcome for co-operation.

"Trusted partner, high quality routes, great people. I really enjoy working with GorentComm"


"Their routes really do last long and this is exactly what I need for my retail product. Prices are competitive, quality is there"

Sergey Kolesinchenko / CEO at UCALLWECONN